Date posted: October 15, 2012

Antithesis of Urban Farming

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Hostess Twinkies (gah, I thought they were off the market?!) and Cupcakes already¬†epitomize the kind of corporate control over food that leads to a compromise in food, culture and well being, so great that Twinkies were once used in defense of a murder charge. So what in god’s name inspired someone to batter and deep fry them, I will never know. I left before witnessing anyone eating them. I could not bear that truth.



  1. stefaneener

    Where by the name of all hipsteritis were you? Didn’t you see “Zombieland”? Twinkies should be in the kit of every would-be survivor.

  2. Christie

    Ah, you have clearly never been to the Indiana State Fair. They make a sport of frying different edibles… fried ice cream, fried pickles, burgers served on (fried) donuts for the buns. Ugh… It makes me feel a bit ill just thinking of that last one.

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