Date posted: November 23, 2011

Chicken Poo Chart (graphic)

Grody but pragmatic. It is necessary to know what normal and abnormal waste looks like from your birds. To this end, the Poultry Page Forum has created an online guide to poultry feces. Great job PPF! You can view what they have created thus far but be forewarned, its not pretty.

Note: 9.17.14: The poo chart images were relocated and so no longer on Pluck & Feather. However, the original chart is still up and useful as ever at, click here to view.


  1. sara

    It sounds danged silly, three years into raising chickens, but that rainbow of the many stripes of chicken poo has saved my sanity a bunch of times.

    The ceacal in particularly is off-putting. Especially when the flock decides they’ll be plopping those out all at once. I had to feed them Purina Layena because we couldn’t get the organic awhile back, I think back in September? and when I let them all out for free swim to go scratching for worms, everyone was depositing these banana slug-looking things as soon as they hit the grass.

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  3. Janie

    This is the most useful post for any chicken keepers ever! Good work ;o)

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  5. Chrissy Carroll

    I was confident Id passed “poo analysis 101″ with flying colours after having my 3 children, but since getting our chickens, Ive realised another poo study is essential! Its fascinating to know that they poo that caecal stuff and its normal, its fortunate that its normal, but unfortunate that it looks soooo grossssss!! Thanks so much for this poo chart soo very helpful.

  6. Myra

    With my new small flock I don’t want to miss any sign of sickness, I sales the local feed merchant about worminess and he didn’t know. Now I can use the chart to compare.

  7. Carol Rodgers

    We are new to keeping chickens in our back garden and when I saw a couple of my chickens having runny yellow poo, I got myself worked up that we had done something wrong with the feeding or something to cause them to be ill.

    I am so pleased to find this poo chart and now know that their poo is quite normal.

    Thank you sooo much it has been very helpful!!

  8. Alicia Warren

    Thank you for the pictures of the orange gut lining in the poo. I was worried one of my my three chickens was sick and I wondered if it was blood but thought that it looked too orange. Now I know not to worry.

  9. kathleen koblensky

    i have a wounded bird..she just had one of those abnormal poo’s …is there anyway to correct this?

  10. Freya

    excellent ,so usefull but now need to find out what is causing her abnormal poo. Looks like egg peritonitus, if so what next?

  11. Lynne

    Watery poop mentioned that the chicken may not be eating enough. How do you make a chicken eat more?

  12. becky

    my chicken is gross because she had fluf in her poo

  13. Sarah

    Thank you so much for posting this! It’s been in the high 80’s here and I saw some Ceacal poop and was concerned – I have a hen who’s being singled out and they are pecking her so I thought that the ceacal poop and the pecking was a sign that she was sick – I decided to free range her alone during the day and put her in the coop at night – hoping it will clear up.

  14. jayne

    I have a chicken that’s poop looks like the one above worms or egg peritonitis she has been sick for a week we have given her epson salts baths and given it to her orally as well, olive oil because at first we thought she was crop bound. I just recently got her some worm medicine but I have 3 other chickens and none of them have any symptoms, I would think if it were worms they would all have them. Any suggestions and or cures for my chicken? What to do if it is egg peritonitis? She was my best layer big eggs hardy ever took a day off was a happy girl, go up lay her egg come back down and run and play. Now she just sleeps and lays around and no eggs.

  15. Kimberley

    Thanks for the poop chart. My chicks had runny poop once in a while & it was never the same chick making it twice in a row. I was so worried they had a communicable disease spreading through my hatchlings. Great to know that it’s all normal.

  16. Veletta

    Can you tell me what you think of a watery yellow poop? I’d love to share a pic! It also has some green in it.
    My 1 yr old Roo acted lethargic and weak and then had one episode of this diarrhea before he passed. I’m needing to know what to do to take care of the rest of
    the flock.

  17. Kerri

    Are the chicken poo images found elsewhere? If so could you please provide a link.
    Regards Kerri

  18. Quailsong

    Oh no, the poop chart is gone!

    Can anyone contact the owner to salvage this resource list or at least, post a new one?

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