Date posted: December 16, 2011

Creating a Shareable City

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As usual, lots of exciting things going on in the wide world. In fact, for those of that believe in change, it does look like there is about to be some. Read a recent article about race politics and inequity…inequity, that words that keeps coming up. While the entire article is worth a read, I most liked the passage,
“The reason so many Americans are talking about inequality, is because we intend to actually drastically reduce or eliminate it. I am not opposed to working hard. But I am opposed to participating in an economy in which people like [Gene] Marks A) unilaterally set the rules and B) stack the deck against my community and pretend that the real problem is our “ignorance” of opportunities.”
That said, I am drawn to people and groups working to restructure our economic framework. Rock star attorneys, Janelle Orsi and Jenny Kassan, are doing just that. In fact, check out their article on Policies for a Shareable City: Food Sharing. Be prepared to be inspired.

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  1. meg- grow & resist

    Love it! I’m sharing the article from Shareable!

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