Date posted: October 6, 2012

I Like My Honey “Honey-Colored”

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We live in a era where we have viagra, and other pharmaceuticals, in our water supply, unlabeled genetically modified foods, and now, blue honey thanks to M&M dye factories leaving their vats of colored liquid open. Basically an era where we have no choice over our exposure to a constant bombardment of chemicals in our air, water, food and soil. You would think cities across America would not hesitate to support their residents in the little solace they create for themselves and others in producing their own food, whether plant or animal based. If we choose to bike, to use solar or wind energy, to raise our own food- it gives us a shred of control over our bodies and the bodies of our children. In this world where exposure to chemicals now starts with the download of organically persistent chemicals in breast milk, it seems only the most humane thing to do. Let us have a chance to lead a healthy life with less exposure to unwanted chemicals.


  1. stefaneener

    Ugh ugh ugh.
    Oddly enough, sometimes I think my urban bees have a safer foraging area than rural ones.

  2. Gene

    I’ve been reading Eat the City about urban food in New York, and they had problems with rooftop honeybees producing red honey. Turns out the bees had been foraging at a maraschino cherry factory nearby…

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