Date posted: October 9, 2012

New Ground

Doesn’t look like much but its symbolic of a new beginning. The year has brought losses and gains. Its been hard to let go of those things that I have been attached to. Its been hard to witness the upheaval and destruction of a space I worked so hard to create. Yet, the actual space is not gone. It is just transformed and it will be better. I finally saw this after I dug drain trenches and inserted drain pines and river rocks; after a friend helped me build the frame for the new chicken run; after I considered how I can modify the existing coop to be better in its new home; and after I watched how the sun still tickles areas of the space enough to grow. Then I finally felt the truth in that idiom change is change, not good or bad. Its what we do with it that counts. So using what I have learned in observing plants through their seasons. Autumn is a time to let go. Winter is a time to go back to basics, gather energy and focus on the hardscape. Spring will be the true test of readiness to implement new ideas. Summer will demonstrate the results.


  1. chris

    yo! just wanted to say i like your blog and think it’s inspiring. :) thanks for sharing it. i added it to my rss to get updates asap. cheers, from berkeley.

    ps- you may be interested in this

    pps- what are a couple of your favorite restaurants in the east bay?

  2. James

    Well said. Working in the garden is a constant ebb and flow of give and take. We may lose something but in its place we have the ability to create something new. Glad your friend was there to help with the new run.

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