Date posted: July 15, 2014

Oakland Badass: Kelly Carlisle


While I’ve been on extended sabbatical from my blog, I have been neck deep in the Oakland food system world, never letting up on working to ensure we have the right to grow our own food in Oakland. My work has blessed me with the honor and privilege of being in close contact with the power houses of our community, one of which is Kelly Carlisle of Acta Non Verba. While I’ve mentioned her organization a couple of years ago, here and there, you don’t even understand. Kelly is taking things to the next level with her youth urban farm. In fact, her success has most recently been noted by none other than Mr. President Barack Obama. Ms. Carlisle was invited to attend an Iftan dinner in celebration of Ramadan. At the opening of this dinner, our President made a speech which included recognizing that the dinner was held in honor of a tradition of discipline and devotion. That they were there to share values of peace, charity, family and community, upholding justice, care for those with the least among us, and love for one another. He said we are all deserving of an equal opportunity to thrive and that all of us have the obligation to do our part to reverse the injustice of inequality.

He then said there were attendees present that epitomize this spirit with their actions and uplift our society. He is just going to mention a couple…Kelly Carlisle of Acta Non Verba, deeds not words…wait, wait, replay…whose name was that? (minute 2:12) KELLY CARLISLE!!! Oh, and note who sat next to her during dinner…

I could not be more proud of my friend and colleague. I am humbled to know her.


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