Date posted: July 21, 2014

Oakland Badass: Navina Khanna

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I think I just hit “post” on congratulating Kelly, when I got the news that our very own Navina Khanna is a recipient of the James Beard Foundation Leadership Award for her tireless leadership in food and farm policy to create an equitable food system.

“I’m sorry, can you repeat that?” Sure!! Navina Khanna is one of five winners of the James Beard Leadership Awards, which recognize visionaries in the world of food politics and sustainable agriculture. The foundation president, Susan Ungaro, stated “We’re known for awarding the Oscars of the food world…I’m so proud that we’ve also been recognizing, for four years now, the leaders of the food movement, those individuals who are making Americans think more seriously about how we eat, what we eat and where our food is grown. They are helping to raise Americans’ awareness so that they not only care about how our food tastes but where it comes from.”

It’s not that I’m bragging (that’s a lie), its just, Los Angeles is where the movie stars are and Oakland is where the food stars choose to apply their deep talents. Yet, again I have the immense fortune of working directly with a ninja-badass-grand-dame-queen-beast of food through my work at Oakland Food Policy Council. What I find most striking about Navina is that her passion for transformative change doesn’t stop at the end of her work day. This woman lives her words. Her home is a social hub of organizing and food growing.

Navina will be joined this year by Karen Washington, Ben Burkett, Michael Pollan, and Mark Bittman. She will also join the ranks of past recipients such as Michelle Obama, Marion Nestle and Alice Waters.

Learn more about Navina’s work at Movement Strategy Center and Live Real.

I stand in humble solidarity and service with amazing human beings. Take over the world, Kelly & Navina, take over the world…

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