Date posted: March 2, 2012

Opportunities Arising

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I participated in a well attended discussion this week organized by People’s Grocery. The focus was on food systems and local economy- the development of jobs in food and career readiness. I truly appreciate that People’s is focusing on career readiness. The question I have is are we ready for the change so many of us are precipitating?
We want land access, ok- we are getting it.
We want the rules to change so we can grow and sell food in the city, ok- happening.
We want to be able to have mobile food vending throughout our city- k.
We want to be able to cook food at home and sell it without pricy rent at a commercial kitchen…even this is possible (read more).
We want a legal environment that fosters local and sustainable economies and business ventures- cities around the nation are stepping up and supporting their people in this. Because this is what it will take, not just the laws to enable the businesses minded to start up.
The next stage is preparing ourselves to transition from these excellent startup entrepreneurial steps to permanent and healthy businesses. Can brave entrepreneurs taking the risk to start new local businesses be supported by the local dollar? Your dollar? Can they be supported to take the risk of setting up business in dilapidated commercial corridors that need the influx of stable business to attract investment into the community? Are we as a community ready to make this committement to them and to our city?
This is where the real transformation rests for our cites, environment and health. Its up to us to catch these opportunities and run with them. We do this and these creative businesses that have the ability to transform our communities will be more than a flash in the pan.

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  1. stefaneener

    So many of the cool urban farm projects I see aren’t self-supporting it’s worrisome. I don’t want to write grants; I want to grow vegetables.

    If anyone can figure it out, it’s you.

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