Date posted: November 9, 2012


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Where has all the time gone? Pluck & Feather continues to crawl along into its new form. In the mean time, I stepped away from the norm and visited Cinque Terra, Italy. Crazy beautiful and I got lucky enough to meet a splendid family that showed me how to prepare the local sweet wine,  Sciacchetrà (pronounced shock-eh-trah). Delicious stuff.

A variety of grapes grown on the cliffside of the Vernazza were hung to dry some, not completely. Varieties included Bosco, Albarola, Vermentino and what I thought was said to be roja, but thats just “red.”

We plucked them and crushed them to macerate for a day. Then they were to be pressed and fermented.

While I was sad to not participate in the full process, I did get to enjoy a glass of the homemade concoction. So good.

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